Warehouse lifting

Strengthening supply chains with end-to-end solutions

Supply chain management has become increasingly important for various industries competing in the global economy. Real Time Distribution & Logistics Ltd is a true 3PL company serving the needs of Jamaica’s distributive trade. With the help of our solutions, you can unlock additional value from your supply chain and build or improve plans for manufacturing and distribution. So, what are you waiting for? Implement plans quickly and forecasts the needs of your customers in real-time!

We are here to simplify the complex warehousing, transportation and distribution processes with our technology solutions. It’s time to add value to your business by streamlining processes with our supply-chain expertise and high market experience. Take advantage of our solutions to profit your business from all dimensions!

Consumer & Retail

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • General Grocery
  • Manufacturing


  • Warehousing & Distribution of
    Nutritional Products


  • Warehousing & Distribution of
    Solar Systems

Logistics Management

Risk Management

Inventory materials are tracked within the Distribution Centers where RTDL optimises its resources to provide efficient slotting, rotation and efficient pick methods to maximise flow through the Distribution Center, at the same time maintaining Inventory Accuracy. Complex rules for lot/batch-tracking compliance are handled consistently to minimise obsolescence.

Productivity Improvement

Our warehousing philosophy ensures continuous operational improvements, waste elimination and high ongoing operating efficiencies. There is a distinct focus on continuously improving labour productivity, enabled by the proper layout and put-away procedures; so as to improve operating efficiencies, minimise errors, ensure faster turnaround times and process standardisation.

Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution and warehousing facilities managed by RTDL offer customers a competitive supply chain solution through facility and equipment management, cost management, inventory management, and outbound schedules that meet the needs of the client and their customers.

Each client has unique needs based on their market requirements, manufacturing and supply constraints. RTDL works closely with its clients to design a warehouse/inventory management solution that will optimise their overall supply chain efficiency and unique customer needs. RTDL operates warehouses using repeatable, documented processes that are based on industry best practices. Key operational metrics are tracked continuously and are designed to enhance client satisfaction, performance reliability and efficiency. RTDL provides a pool of trained operators and Warehouse Management personnel to manage the clients in-house Logistics and bring productivity and savings.

Track & Trace/Internet Supply Chain Visibility

Customers of our overseas client warehousing with us enjoy online links with our clients and gets instant feedback on the status of their orders.

Security Systems and Control

Our facility enjoys 24 hours electronic and video monitoring.

Supply Chain Management

Value-Added Services

We do Kitting and Repackaging for Shelf Ready merchandising

Inventory Control and Supplier Management

Our Warehouse Management System enables us to have real-time information on all inventory movement, thereby, assisting our clients in managing inventory balances and levels.

Consultancy Services

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management

Operations Management

We provide consultancy services to Distribution companies to improve their operations by way of studying their processes and providing solutions

Technical Services

Warehouse Layouts

Warehouse Racking and Rack Installation

RTDL has conceptualised, developed process flow, designed, supplied and installed Material Handling Solutions

Warehouse lifting
Warehouse Racking
Mobile Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

Our team of trained and experienced technicians provides support for Mobile Electric Warehouse Equipment

Stand up narrow aisle electric trucks

Counter Balanced electric trucks

Electric Pallet Riders